This time, cacti and succulents

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog lately. There’s been a lot going on – two conferences two weeks apart (Perth and then the Gold Coast – could be worse) and the rest of my time has been busy with work and personal training (or spending money on treating the injuries caused by personal training – hmmmm).

Now that things are quietening down a bit I’m back to my usual musing about what my next project could be. Especially now that the weather is improving and daylight savings has started today (YAY), I’m in the mood to be all outdoorsy. My balcony is tiny – barely 2 metres across and loaded with pot plants that at the moment are more weeds than plants. At least twice a year I tear most things out and replant but, perhaps because it’s south-facing things struggle to grow well there. So, inspired by Pinterest and my own experience with succulents (I have several inside that I love), I’m going to spend next weekend turning the balcony into a succulent and cacti wonderland.

Bunnings here I come! It’s going to be awesome – I hope. Pretty, funky, colourful and low maintenance. As long as I don’t look out through the balcony doors and see death I’ll be happy.

Stay tuned. Next weekend it is ON.

And now here are some pictures to inspire you. Maybe.



2 thoughts on “This time, cacti and succulents

  1. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, I was just thinking yesterday I’d come in here and leave a comment for you. Great to see you back!

    I’m afraid cacti don’t really do a great deal for me but I hope you love whatever you come up with. Bunnings does do an enormous deal for me though, love that place.

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