Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

I’m thinking of buying myself a ring. A really nice ring, to wear on the ring finger of my right hand. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery – usually costume style necklaces and earrings, if anything, but recently I bought a watch from Fossil – one of those trendy ones (well I think so anyway) with a white band and bling around the watch face. It’s such a pleasure to see it twinkling on my wrist that I’ve been inspired to bling it up a bit.

So this afternoon, after a pleasant hour reading Romulus, My Father, (have you read it? What a book!) I’ve been googling images of rings and wow there are some gorgeous ones out there, like this


and this


and this



Obviously I’m not just into diamonds, but I do like chunky things that catch your eye and it has to be white gold, like this:



So now I’ll start keeping my eyes peeled for something that’s in my budget. I’ve been feeling lately that I’m at the age now (32 on Thursday! *gulp*) where I can start to buy myself nice things. I’ve lived in op shop clothes with second hand furniture for so long that it feels a bit naughty to ‘waste’ good money on expensive things, but then again, buying cheap jewellery so often that then tarnishes or breaks quickly isn’t cost efficient either.

So I’ll start looking in earnest for a ring for myself soon. All ideas welcome!


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