Time, that slippery witch

ImageRemember how a couple of posts ago I was berating myself for my inability to learn French, and how I ‘was, was, was, was’ going to recommit to it? Yeah well I haven’t, and probably won’t now because I’ve got a new project. I’m one of those people who feels like time is against me. There’s just never enough bloody time in the week to do all the things I want to. There’ve been times when I think I’ll never be capable of a ‘full time’ relationship, or heaven-forbid – kids, because I’m too selfish about my hobbies. Paradoxically, while failing to commit to any of these said hobbies with a serious time investment as I bounce from one to the other, I then whinge about how I have too much time and energy to burn.

So anyway, getting fit is something I’ve been tinkering with all year, as part of a renewed interest in all things health and wellbeing (see the story of How I Quit Sugar). Towards the beginning of the year I bought one of those groupon deals that got me five one-hour personal training sessions for something ridiculous like 80 bucks. I really enjoyed the sessions – they hurt like hell, but that’s the point isn’t it? And the best thing was, combined with the new diet, I found I could actually cope, and the pain didn’t kill me. Most of the time I think it’s the anticipation of pain and failure that is crippling. While the sessions were good, trying to get them booked in with the trainers was a pain in the arse – our schedules didn’t match and they were unreliable, hence it’s taken four months to have five sessions.

At our second last session a month ago, I enquired about the cost of continuing, if I were to pay the usual full rate. It was way beyond my budget – somewhere between $45 and $60 for a half hour (can’t recall exactly). My investigating online didn’t throw up any cheaper options either. I knew I didn’t want to lose the motivation but wasn’t sure how to continue when:
a) I couldnt’ afford more than one session a week which isn’t really enough to do much good, and
b) The time required was a bit overwhelming.

Last week at work, my workmate, who herself works out like a demon, asked if I was still looking for a trainer and I said yes but that I was struggling to find one within my budget. She then recommended her friend Nat, from Stiles Training, who offers sessions for $1 a minute – that’s only $30 for half an hour people! Bargain! Nat is apparently keen to get some really reliable clients to commit to regular sessions and that’s what I want too – do unto others and all that.

It does mean another weekly commitment – twice-weekly actually. On top of my recent application to study again, and work being a tad full on at present it’s going to make my weeks frantic, or at least Really Bloody Busy. Currently, an average week for me looks something like this:

Monday: Work, gym then home
Tuesday: Work, then drive to the other side of Melbourne for dinner with my 89-year old G’pa
Wednesday: Work, then personal training, then over to FF’s for the evening (before starting PT I was doing yoga once a week)
Thursday: Work, some sort of social catch-up – perhaps a public lecture followed by dinner (true story – not trying to sound like a hipster wanker)
Friday: Work, more socialising, usually with FF in tow
Saturday: a bazillion miscellaneous errands followed by either an evening at home, or a party (and often a bit of work thrown in too)
Sunday: some sort of family commitment or a little country jaunt with FF

Throw the imminent possibility of two nights a week at school into the mix and my schedule is officially screwed. So, time for a reality check here, if I’m going to commit to two personal training sessions a week as well as two nights of school something’s going to have to give. I don’t know how I could possibly squeeze more into an already busy schedule. When I’m at home ‘pottering’ I’m always doing more than one thing at a time. I’m cooking and cleaning and dealing with the ever-present floordrobe, or I’m playing on the net, watching tv and playing games on my phone. Even writing these blog posts sometimes feels like “something else I gotta do”. And I don’t have to look after anyone else but myself so seriously, get a grip Gen. Queen of the first world problem here.

There’s an expression I heard/read/saw somewhere once that has stayed with me. “You can have it all, just not all at once”, and I have to remind myself of it often. The things I can’t and won’t devote less of my energy to are work and family. The family stuff doesn’t come around all that often, because they all have schedules that look like mine, but when it does, I’m there with bells on. Next on the list is FF, and if I’m going to be studying that will have to be right near the top of the list.

Maybe I’m crazy to be considering personal training, but I’m still 10kg away from my goal weight, and I really think it’s something I have to get a grip on NOW, before it gets harder. Seize the day and all that. The thing that’s probably going to have to drop off my list is the socialising. I don’t have a group of friends as such, but a sizeable pool of individual or ‘pairs’ of friends. Sometimes I’ll be out three nights a week catching up with people and still only see most of my friends five or six times a year. Do I sound like a bragging ‘little miss popular’ type? Don’t be jealous – I’m sure most of my friends merely tolerate me πŸ˜‰

Coming back to the ‘you can have it all’ saying, it’s time I got my priorities straight in my head. This year and probably next, should be my ‘work/study/get fit’ phase. My social-butterfly and community-volunteer phases can come later. My friends will hopefully still be there, and FF – well he’ll just have to squeeze in somewhere πŸ˜‰

My first session with Nat is tomorrow night – wish me luck!


UPDATE!!! Nat is awesome. Anyone in Melbourne looking for a trainer can check her out here – http://stilestraining.com.au/


6 thoughts on “Time, that slippery witch

  1. Yay you! I feel certain that you will accomplish all that you want to, and feel such admiration for you and your ability to assess your life at this stage. You have inspired me yet again πŸ™‚ What study have you decided on? The MBA? You have lots of supportive people who are behind you all the way, myself included, even if it takes another 14 years for us to catch up! ;-)xx

    • Nawww shucks Dinah, and right back at ya sista! This post wasn’t an attempt at fishing for compliments, but hey who am I to complain?! I’ve applied for the Postgrad Diploma of Management – it’s basically the first 9 units required for the MBA, so if I can only manage 9 then I’ve still got a piece of paper for it, and if I want to I can then transfer over into the MBA because I’ve already completed half of it, if that makes sense.
      And despite my whinging about being busy, I’ve got an idea for our next catch-up – I’ll FB you πŸ˜‰

  2. Phew, I feel tired just reading that! Seriously, you sound slammed but energetic and motivated, and I think that’s what counts. Something my mum used to tell me is, “The less you do, the less you want to do,” and I’ve definitely noticed that in my life…lazy breeds lazy, and busy breeds busy. The more you do, the more capable you are of taking on more.

    I think it’s always worth making a commitment to exercise because in the long run it is an investment in yourself and your health. And who knows, maybe the extra energy you get from PT will give you more stamina to party like a demon and study the crap out of that MBA, not to mention your sleep will be more restful and efficient meaning you won’t need as much of it. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Piper. I like that – lazy breeds lazy. Your Mum sounds like a smart woman πŸ˜‰ I tend to feel the same way about exercise as facilitating the rest and would love it if my sleep could be more efficient. I feel like I never have enough sleep but I’m sure it’s just that my mind doesn’t shut down often enough.
    By the way I like how you write – you should blog πŸ˜‰

  4. I can solve your productivity problems πŸ˜‰
    You should totally do your PT in the morning between 6-7. You’d still end up in the shower around the same time πŸ˜›
    It would free up 2 nights a week (hmmm, study?) and I know from experience that it gives you way more energy during the day to do that exercise shift. It may also help you sleep better, since by the time you get to bed you’ll be exhausted from starting the day so hard and fast.
    me? I exercise twice a week around 9:00. I’m lucky to get there πŸ˜‰ though praise be for the personal trainers who also add ‘children welcome’!!! what I really dread is it kicking back in again next year after I’ve had some time off. I hate the ‘getting fit’ part, I prefer the maintenance part of it!

  5. Hey FF. Hang on… FF? πŸ™‚ anyway, yes morning PT sessions would make a huge difference to my time management but it just feels like it would be a new type of hell. I tried it once, back when you and I were living in Willy, and it was ghastly. Actually, I should update somewhere because the PT sessions are going really well, and I’ve had so much adrenaline going on at work the last week or two that it’s making me do everything much much quicker, including the morning routine…

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