Colour my World

You know how sometimes you walk into someone’s house – say an older couple, in their 50s or 60s and there is floral shit everywhere? Enough to make you gag. I mistakenly confessed at work the other day that I could almost sympathise with this, or at least understand the trajectory that has brought older women to the point where they want to be surrounded by delightful and delicate and feminine things. Much teasing ensued when I said I love those flowery aprons you see in shops sometimes. The older I get, the more girly I become. I like pink now, more than I ever have. When I see something gorgeous – often there’ll be a floral/bird related theme, it can literally take my breath away.

Colour, to put it plainly, makes me really happy. I’m anti-clutter but I’ll never be a minimalist. Crisp white walls and floating timber floors are fine, as long as there’s an in-your-face oil on canvas somewhere, or some gorgeously lush cushions. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the things that make me smile to look at them, or warm the atmosphere, just a little. You may not share my taste but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this happening to them as they get older. I love rich, deep colours – yellows, reds, blues, greens, the lot.

I don’t know a shit about art, or how to talk about it, but I know what I love when I see it. Poh Ling Yeow, she of Masterchef fame, as you may well know, is also an artist. Her work is very simple – almost cartoonish, and has a consistent ‘look’ that I just love. Her subject, most often a little asian girl, is frequently accompanied by flowers, birds, or other creatures that take on a mythical quality reminiscent of creatures you might find in eastern literature – over-sized fish, for example. I would love to own a giant painting of hers – probably this one:

Poh’s work is not dissimilar to Audrey Kawaski’s. Audrey’s is more intricate – she paints or etches on wood panels, but there’s a similar anime-like quality to it. I love how she does flowers and women’s hair. It’s very, very… pretty. Reminds me of paisley in some ways, which I also love.

Although oil on canvas is often what catches my eye, I’m not really that fussy. I went to this guy’s exhibition a little while ago – Joe Blancks’ My Scrapbook and LOVED it so much I could cry. Here’s a youtube clip about the exhibition.

As a kid I wanted to illustrate books and as an adult that’s merged into a desire to create paper. I guess you could call me a frustrated artist. Frustrated because I don’t have any artistic talent to speak of, and also because I have to be practical and maintain a ‘real’ job, at least until I pay off a truckload of Sexually Transmited Debt. In the meantime, until I work out how to incorporate this lust for beautiful things into my life more (and how to pay for them!), here are a few things I have at home that I love.

I bought this just after my 30th birthday from the venue I had my birthday party at – Fad Gallery in Chinatown. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name of the artist, but I’ve loved this ever since I saw it hanging on the wall of the gallery.

I bought this unframed in Alice Springs a couple of years ago. The artist, Sally, whose surname I’ve unfortunately forgotten (doh!) is not an Aboriginal woman, which did give me momentary pause, however I just loved it. I remember texting my Mum to say there was a piece of art I really wanted to buy but it was a bit expensive and should I maybe not do it? She replied “you never regret buying art, provided you love it”. I think that’s something to remember.

So, what makes you wee your pants just a little with pleasure to look at?


2 thoughts on “Colour my World

  1. This is why I love fish-they are living art. I love creating a beautiful aquascape in a tank and filling it with natural beauty. When you get into marine tanks and see recreations of the Great Barrier Reef the gorgeousness takes my breath away.

    • I’d forgotten about fish tanks! Totally agree that they’re living art. I don’t have the patience for a fish tank at the moment in my tiny little apartment but would love one eventually – the more colour the better.

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